Here are some extracts from my book...

Reliving the horror

Suddenly my heart began to race.  I shuddered and felt a chill go down my spine as I began to relive that day.  I did not want to continue as I knew very well what I was going to read from that date on, and what was about to unfold before my eyes as the next pages grew in content and horror....

Get a nurse, quick!

Then, without any warning, a searing pain that I had never experienced before erupted in and around my kidney area and back on my right side.  It felt like being stabbed by hot needles in rapid succession.  The pain was so intense that I could neither breathe in or out.  I gripped the radiator below the windowsill and began to panic.

I turned my head towards Chris and said, “Get a nurse quick I can’t breathe.” 


“We have had the results back from the laboratory and they have confirmed that there are definitely a few abnormal blood cells present in your blood.” 

She hesitated then continued by saying, “We have to do more tests to see how many abnormal cells there are.”

I became slightly more anxious at that point.  There was an uneasy silence. They were waiting for me to say something.  I didn’t want to ask the obvious question but knew I had to.

So, I came out and said it, “Well what do you think the abnormal cells are then?”