My Approach

So why did I write this book?  And why would anyone want to read it?

It began as a form of therapy during long periods of isolation in 2011 when I was confined to a hospital room because my immune system was at a critically low point.  I wrote in my diary almost every day and eventually gave it a name, Mr Diary.  During that time, Mr Diary became my constant companion but it was not until four years later in April 2015 that my diary entries would spur me on to write this book.  As I started writing, I realised that my story was not just about me, but about us, the world we live in, and how we all get by if something, suddenly and without warning, goes horribly wrong.

Some info about me and those who helped me with my book...

terry square

Terry Barry


I was born in 1947 and was 63 when diagnosed with leukaemia.  I am now retired, have 4 grown up children and live in Wiltshire with my wife Christine.


Paul Watmore


Paul, who designed and edited this book, is a retired electronics engineer who worked in Silicon Valley for 17 years.  He now lives in Wiltshire with his wife Maureen and their dog Dave.

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Christine Barry

My dear wife

Chris has spent at least half of our married life caring and supporting me through my unexpected illness and eventual recovery; my love and gratitude to you is infinite and goes beyond words.